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In recent days, Kabaddi has gained a lot of attention from the audience, Kabaddi was not given more importance and it used to have no or low attention, and the audience has no knowledge about kabaddi, despite having all the good players in this country. However, other games or sports were famous in India, but Kabaddi remains under evaluation. 

But Pro Kabaddi League has helped this game to come to attention and show that there are many capable players in this game also. Pro Kabaddi league was telecast on the television and many big celebrities bought different teams which increased the importance of this team and it came out to be useful as many eligible players came out. 

But Kabaddi deserves a lot more than PKL, and it needs to expand its audience to know the importance of this game. However, through TV shows the show came up really nice. 

Due to the Covid from last year, it is very hard to shoot and start any new show, and if the audience will not watch kabaddi then the importance of this game will fall down again and people will lose interest in the game so it’s important to balance the engagement with the audience. 

So, Shivdas who is managing the channel on youtube is named as KabaddiAdda said that there will be a social platform that will help to keep the people or audience engaging and can teach people about kabaddi, and like this people will not lose their interest. On this channel, there will be a continuous broadcast of kabaddi matches and about kabaddi games. The matches that will be posted will be highlights of the match and other information regarding the kabaddi game. 

The channel already has 37k subscribers and millions of views but after constantly putting videos on YouTube it is estimated that this will help to engage with the audience and will increase the number of viewers on the platform. Shivdas also stated that they have 3-4 coaches and every coach has their own way of dealing with the moves so with every approach you will get to learn something new all the time. 

In 2019 when everything was normal then there were more than 20 kabaddi events, in which many known players participated actively whereas now it is important to make people know about it and participate when everything gets normal. 

As there is not much mode to know about Kabaddi, Shivdas is preparing content where young players can learn new things through this platform and learn new things. It is important to make people aware of this game, there are many people who don’t even know the basic rules of the game, then how will they play this game. 

Shivdas says that not only one or two but he will post more and more videos on kabaddi so that he can grow this game and make it reach as many people as possible.

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